More on Russell

So a friend pointed out last night that I hadn't posted anything more on Mr. Russell since we got him. Not for lack of loving Russell...just trying to ease him into the world of fame that my blog entails.

If you were worried, he's doing fine. We have the perfect addition to our house....he's stubborn, too smart for his own good, fantastically good looking...it's like we have a third copy of us! All he needs now is to start quoting rules from the Chicago Manual, 15th Edition, at strangers instead of barking at him. He's lost 2 pounds or so since he's arrived, which is good, because he was a little bit "heavy", the vet said. But we're one little happy family, and it's quite refreshing to come home to a tail wagging like a metronome.

Here are some shots for you, of Russell doing what he does best: sleeping (under his towel), following us around the house "to help," and falling asleep on my feet, which he tends to do. We have some video of him killing his koala toy as well, hopefully we'll mix it with some music soon and post it for the world. (We still think it's cute, but are aware that the playful shakes are an attempt to break the poor thing's neck. The picture on the top left shows Russell with koala innards hanging from his teeth.)

BTW, if you're thinking of adopting, I highly recommend the Golden Retriever Rescue Lifeline up in Biddeford, Maine, who matched us with Russell. Thanks again Melanie!

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*Christopher said...

What a cutey.

I love it that dachshunds prefer to sleep in nests and under blankets--or towels. And they always are trying to be "helpful", especially if some food might be involved.

Dachshunds are notorious for their stubbor...*ahem* independence, ours is no exception.