Walter Update

Thank you all for the prayers and good wishes, it's been a rocky week or so, but I wanted to give a quick Walter update.
He came home last saturday, looking a lot like a furry football due to the row of staples down the middle of the back.
He's now feeling a lot better, getting rest, going to the bathroom a little more easily and regularly. He still can't move his back legs, and we're a little concerned, as the doctors had hoped that he might have been moving a little more by now, but he is wagging his tail vigorously a little more often, so that gives us some continued hope. We're doing his physical therapy four times a day to keep his leg muscles in shape, and otherwise are keeping him rested and as calm as possible. As he's felt better, he's wanted to scooch around the room on his butt and has begun to despise the crate we need to put him to keep him from wandering about while his spine is recovering. But he's not in any pain any more, which is good, and is back to his happy, mischievous personality. Even if he doesn't really ever walk and we have to get one of those foolish little carts, he'll be happy and glad to be around, so imho, that's enough, but we're still hoping that his little nervous system is getting the rest it needs to rebuild itself.
Thanks again for all the prayers and good wishes.


Pray for Walter

Hey all,
Somme of you know that my partner and I adopted a second dachshund last month to keep Russell company, named Walter, who has been a real joy in our life. The other day he woke up with some pain in his back legs, and then yesterday was having some early signs of neurological damage - which meant that a slipped disc was pressing against his spinal cord. So he's having surgery this morning to remove the disc material. We're a little scared, but he's at Angell Medical Center, which is the Mass General of veterinary hospitals, so we're confident he's in good hands. If you could keep Walter in your thoughts and prayers today and in the next few days, though, we'd appreciate it.


The Most Immature Montage Ever

From the Daily Show, a report on the Democratic candidates debate on all things gay, concluding with "The Most Immature Montage Ever":


August Explained

A cartoon from a few weeks back by Danziger.

Stanley Phished

From Slate: The Worst Op-Ed Ever (and perhaps one of the best slice-and-dices, if not ever, that I've seen in a while...)

Addition, 8/16: A whole article on Starbucksiana on the Internet, also from Slate.


BaptizedPagan, Simpsonized

So I know all the cool kids did this last week, but there were still some glitches on the Apple before...works fine now. See yourself Simpsonized! (BTW, the movie rocks, Spider Pig and all...)


That other motu proprio

Faithful readers who survived the blogging drought that was most of this past year will remember another, less famous motu proprio on papal conclaves that came out in June. Sandro Magister has an illuminating article by, IMHO, one of the greatest living canon lawyers, Ladislas Örsy, S.J., on why such a seemingly small change by JPII, and its restoration by B16, makes such an important ecclesiological difference.

Ken Hackett, Catholic Relief Services

There's a great article in the most recent issue of the Boston College Magazine (one of the few alumni magazines I've seen that consistently rises above a simple endowment-building vehicle) on Ken Hackett, the president of Catholic Relief Services. CRS has been rated the third most efficient worldwide charity (only 6% of their budget goes to administration and fundraising -- that's 94% of your contribution going directly to those in need), and has, since its inception, relied on Catholic funding to serve all people in need, without proselytization and without regard to the race, creed, or nationality of the people it serves. It's a great example of St. Francis's recommendation to "preach always, use words when necessary." You can make a donation at their website, and/or get information on their fair trade goods.

Vive le Québec!

Un lanceur du Québec sur notre monticule! Bienvenue, Eric!