Wiener Takes All

While looking around at weinerdogiana on the web, we found a "dogumentary" coming out this fall entitled "Wiener Takes All."

From the website:

"Wiener Takes All" follows America's fastest competitive wiener dogs - from the scandal of the 2003 Wiener Nats, through to the culmination of the 2005 season. We start with Noodles' controversial 2003 loss, and the infamous Noodles-Pretzel rivalry. Pretzel's tragic sudden death in December 2004 throws the wiener dog racing world into turmoil, casting a pall over Noodles' triumphant win at the 2004 Wiener Nationals. Through 2005 many significant hurdles face Noodles as he plans to retake his title. Hurdles such as Blitzen - the late Pretzel's little brother; Heidi, the 2004 second place dog is nipping at his heels, as are perennial bridesmaid Baby Luv, Tucsons' underdog Vinnie Barbarino, and Phoenix's Hailey.
The best part of the whole thing is the James Bond-esque theme song, Wiener Takes All.

BTW, in terms of not posting, I just returned from a longish trip, my friend Sarah's mother died last week rather suddenly, and a group of us roadtripped out there for the wake and funeral (where I was teased mercilessly for my blogging...ah, the cross one bears).

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