Posting from the road

So I haven't been posting for the past few days, as I've been out here in Colorado for the Annual Meeting of the College Theology Society. Your trusty correspondent gave a small paper on ecclesiology, and heard some very good papers on other topics; I'm hoping to share a couple of them on here in a couple of days.

But today, since I have a red-eye flight tonight around midnight, I decided to pick up a car for a few hours and drive up here to the mountains. I'm in Boulder right now, at the Boulder Bookstore, enjoying a cup of coffee and some wireless internet. Then I'm going up to Estes Park for a few minutes to see some real mountains, then back down to the airport in Denver.

One of the shocking things for an east coast urban person about this place is the fitness level. There are tons of people running all over the place around here cycling, jogging, running, gesticulating, etc. Lots of people back home go to the gym, but you less often see people walking around who all look painfully healthy...not that I'm feeling inadequate or anything.

BTW, for those interested, Russell arrived safely yesterday back in Boston, and is having some adjustment issues, some nervousness, but we were told to expect that. More on him after I've actually seen the little guy...

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