The Whisperer Raises His Voice...

just a little. And not his face. But great interview with Rocco Palmo, Philadelphia's Whisperer in the Loggia, at Busted Halo.com. Part II to come tomorrow. Some highlights:

  • Did you know that he's just 23 years old?
  • "My parents were culturally Catholic; go to mass on Sunday, put the envelope in the collection, go home and watch the Eagles lose."
  • "I sometimes feel like I’m in the confessional. I get about 250 emails a day. I beat myself up about the fact that I can’t get back to them all. They express so much in their stories and give of themselves. If anything, that keeps me going, because it sure ain’t the cash. I haven’t been solvent at all in any of this experience."
He's running out of money, though, folks, so if you enjoy getting all the gossip from Roma without having to install hidden cameras in the Jesuit residence, send him some cash via paypal.

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