Fr. Richard Erikson

There's a short profile in today's Globe Magazine on Fr. Richard Erikson, the new vicar general for the Archdiocese of Boston (the vicar general is the archbishop's "right hand man"...responsible for much of the day-to-day administration and oversight of the diocese). He was on his way back from a challenging tour of duty as a military chaplain in Iraq to the relative R & R of life as a wing chaplain in Hawaii...when he got the call that Hawaii will have to wait for a while. You have to bet that the Big Girl was cackling something fierce about that one.

Entirely unrelated, I had the wonderful experience yesterday of meeting Reader, I Married Him in person at a friend's party. It's always slightly unnerving when someone drops out of the blogosphere into real time, but it was thoroughly refreshing to put a person together with his words and descriptions of life.

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David said...

The experience for me was wonderful, unnerving and thoroughly refreshing as well.

Thank you!