Red Sox-Yankees. 1-0.

So the Yankees are in town, which means most work has stopped.

Some of the things to translate for your reference:

1) Johnny Damon made his first debut as a Yankee in Fenway Park last night. If there's one thing we New Englanders are good at, it's holding a grudge. I've posted a selection of some of my favorite homemade bits of bitterness. IMHO, the best may have been the bright red t-shirts (not pictured here), emblazoned with the words "Johnny Damon is Dead to Me". Note the extensive use of historical comparisons, as well as theological themes.

2) More excitement (and theological interpretation): the return of Doug Mirabelli as a Red Sox catcher...possibly "the only man on this planet who can catch Tim Wakefield". NPR story with Bob Ryan available here after 7:30 EDT.

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