New England, Unite!

An op-ed in today's Globe by Neal Pierce and Curtis Johnston of the New England Futures project argues that the six New England states, and particularly their governors, need to work together on various regional issues more effectively if the region is to survive and thrive. While this is not quite the opening guns of the founding of Atlantica (a utopic nation to be founded when New England and the Canadian maritimes secede from their respective current countries...shout out to DJ-S, supreme leader of Atlantica), it's a good alert to the need for some good old-fashioned New England pride. I mean, c'mon, we're the Hub, the spirit of Massachusetts is the spirit of America, etc. etc.

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D J-S said...

Ah, Atlantica. Of course to acheive the dream, one must take care of the threat Brookline poses to the territorial integrity of Boston.