Gubernatorial Primary

So I haven't decided whom I'm going to vote for in Tuesday's primary (for the Democratic nomination for governor here in Massachusetts). I'm leaning towards Deval Patrick, but the fact that all of my hippie friends are actively campaigning for him makes me a bit nervous... Two of the biggest things that make me lean towards him, though, are, first, the fact that he's not pandering on the tax cut issue (i.e., he's not going to roll back taxes so that you save $5 a year and we have to close another school or fifty...); and second, the fact that he's not funding his own campaign, but actually has a donor base.

Speaking of which, the Boston Globe, using Google Maps, has released a map of campaign contributors and whom they supported. Time to check up on your neighbors! This could make future referendum and presidential elections far more interesting...

Also informative and amusing throughout the campaign has been Dan Payne and his analysis; he's kind of like Mac Daniel, but for pols instead of potholes. Some fun excerpts from today's contribution:

FUNG WAH BUS comes to mind when thinking about Tom Reilly's gubernatorial campaign. Bus line offers big savings. But buses tend to crash and catch fire. After showing signs of life as Regular Guy, Reilly morphed into Bitter Man at the Kennedy School debate. Why did he conjure up low point in his campaign, L'Affair St. Fleur?

Patrick and Bush. Patrick volunteers are many and pumped. His field operation is said to rival Mike Dukakis's, only juiced with Internet. Patrick base is liberals, gays, black voters, Latino voters, environmentalists, atheists, healthcare reformers, professors, peaceniks, pro-choice marchers, antigun protesters, health store shoppers, progressive unions, teachers, social workers, and those who hear justice in his voice. In short, anybody who can't stand President Bush.

Who wins? If Galvin's right about turnout, Patrick wins. If it's up, Gabrieli has shot. Reilly wins by pulling someone out of burning bus.

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Philocrites said...

You and me and Mrs P! I've been on the fence about Gabrieli or Patrick for weeks. Mrs Philocrites has been very impressed with Patrick on health care especially -- she has paid more detailed attention on the campaign than I have -- but I always try to steer clear of the candidate preferred by Brattle Street. The Globe said this morning, though, that Patrick has surprisingly solid support across demographic lines. That impresses me. I'm leaning in his favor, too, now.