So it's been a busy few weeks here, and it's going to get worse until Columbus Day. But rather than bore you all with my job search anxieties, my attempts to finish the dissertation, the drama of new students in my house, etc., I thought I'd just tell you what I've been reading and/or doing outside of all that lately. Also, still owe you a post on my experience at Mass a few weeks back...

So here's what's in the news/real world that's been on my radar lately:

- Great announcement today from Harvard that they'll be getting rid of early admission. In addition to the prep you need to know that such a thing exists, which already favors students from better economic backgrounds and schools, it also favors kids who can afford to go no matter what financial aid they receive, over those who have to wait and decide not based on the size of the gym or the prestige of the name but how deep the second mortgage is going to cut into their parents' finances.
- Il Papa is in Bavaria, Gruss Gott-ing it up. Full text of his sermon yesterday as a PDF, thanks to Whispers in the Loggia. Now that we're back from the summer vacations, the pope-watch goes into full swing, as he's back in Rome with a year under his belt. Keep your eyes on the press releases, and on his new appointment at State.
- Off the web, I'm finally getting around to reading Walter Wink's series on the "powers," beginning with volume one, Naming the Powers. Good stuff.
- The Paulist Center is ramping up for the fall; watch here for a link to our new outreach program and a promotional dvd which might feature someone who looks familiar to some of y'all...
- Russell is so far a little skittish about the 30 new people living in his immediate area, but he's getting enough pets and attention that I think he's beginning to like it. He also loved being at the beach last weekend...after he figured out that the waves weren't trying to kill him, he jumped right in, to the amusement of all. You haven't lived until you've seen a dachshund frolicking on the beach.

That's a quick update - this time of the year is always the real new year's time on this side of the river...time for the resolutions, the housecleaning, all carried out amid the new crush of returning students who seemed to spend their summer getting much fitter and tanner than their instructors...so happy new year, everyone.

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