Thomas Aquinas

So, I'm traveling in New York right now (saw the _fabulous_ Fra Angelico exhibit at the Met this afternoon, more on that after I've had some more time to reflect), but wanted to send a quick shout-out as the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas passes us. Patron of theologians, who knew better than anyone else both how much our theology can say about God and how little our theology really does say about God, pray for us!

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Michael said...

While I do not always accept the conclusions Thomas reached -- not because I'm smarter, God knows, but because we often have more data to work with than he did --, I have always been impressed by his inclusive methodology that sought to look at contrasting positions and to affirm that in them which he saw as valuable. A lot of theologians, pastors and politicians could learn something from the Angelic Doctor.

I could try to practice that more myself.