Coming Next Week: Deus Caritas Est

Benedict's first encyclical, Deus Caritas Est, is going to be released a week from today, on the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, which ends the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. (Though it will likely be pre-dated for some time last year.) Get your highlighters now, the stores could be out of them by Wednesday...

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Michael said...

I am looking forward to this encyclical. I have several highlighters on hand.

Just a passing thought about the pre-dating: The Vatican -- for who knows how long -- has had the custom of issuing documents with dates that are supposedly connected to the content or in some other way to send an addtional nuance with the message itself. It's cute and quaint, but it is a manipulation of the truth for the sake of symbol. Since we all know that (or does everyone know that?), I guess it doesn't matter. But it is another example of arranging reality to fit what one wants instead of dealing with reality as it is. A sort of playing to the ideal (in someone's mind, at least.)

[Incidentally, this playing with dates was used in a case with which I am familiar to give two competing groups apparent equal approval while clearly giving one the heads-up with a pseudo-earlier-date. This led to increased ill-will that took almost a decade to heal. Perhaps it is not always so harmless.]


Who am I to complain? I can't even find my buss pass, so how good am I at dealing with reality?