56% Catholic...a Round-Up on the Court

''The Catholic community is not going out dancing in the streets of Boston tonight because of this nomination,'' said James Davidson, a Purdue University sociologist who researches religion and Supreme Court justices. ''But it still represents a significant development in American religious history.'' This from an AP article on Judge Alito.

Plus a fun pun from Prof. Barbara Perry: "This would add a whole new meaning to the Catholic rite of confirmation," said Barbara A. Perry, a Supreme Court expert at Sweet Briar College in Virginia." In today's Times.

And, to round it off, some extended discussions of, among other things, Alito, anti-Catholicism, and a supposed revival of the Knights Templar as "an elite group of soldiers" by the Vatican, on the Volokh Conspiracy.


Celine said...

The comments on the Volokh Conspiracy would make an ecclesiologist's (a real word?) hair fall out.
You'd think Catholics were a club devoted only to getting as many members as possible. Hellooo...we are people with the task of continuing Christ's mission to the poor in the world, not a large and self-serving interest group. Some of us may act like triumphalist number-crunchers--me, at my worst moments included--but that is NOT who we are.

Now if only Dorothy Day or Thomas Merton had been on the Supreme Court...

Nate said...

I think what's sad about all the Catholics on the Supreme Court is that they might well give new life to the old prejudices against Catholics in the public square. If people see Catholic jurists interpreting the Constitution in light of the magisterium instead of in light of American jurisprudence, it will only confirm what has always been said -- that we can't separate our civic responsibilities from our allegiance to the Church and the pope.

I hope that doesn't happen, but I think it's very possible.