Hitting the Reset Button

I almost closed BaptizedPagan on Dec. 31st, and still might do so, but I'm giving it one more shot.
I realized over the break that while I don't have the time in my life these days to sit down and write a well-crafted, well-thought-out multi-paragraph post on a regular basis, I was feeling guilty for not doing so...and that the idea of having to put something witty down on here was keeping me from even starting to write.

So I'm going to be making BP a lot more like a Tumblelog...more random linking, less my direct voice. I'll still comment at greater length once in a while, but I'm more likely to point you toward something else that I've been reading, hearing, or doing, than to provide you with lots of original content. There's this whole teaching/researching/jobhunting thing that has taken up just an eensy-beensy bit of my time...

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