Not Dead Yet...

Watch this space...I'm still kicking, still reading, just not been blogging as much. But still have some things to say here and there.

Here's one fun tidbit: an article from the theologian Donna Freitas on the deeply theological roots of Philip Pullman's Dark Materials series from today's Globe.http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I tried e-mailing this, but then realized I've no idea what your address is. So here it again.

Brian (I think I saw that that’s what your name was, but if I’m mistaken, apologies)—
Hi, my name’s Andy Buechel and I was given the name of your blog the other day by a priest friend of mine here in Atlanta who I think you may have met. Fr. Patrick Scully SM (Marist, not Marianist). Anyhoo, I’m a first-year PhD student at Emory, also gay, and hoping to do my doctoral work (eventually) on Catholic ecclesiology. I see that you just got you doctorate (a thousand congratulations!) and that it may be along lines sort of like that. So I guess I’m just curious if you have any suggestions, ideas, comments, warnings (ie, RUN!) while I’m in this very early stage.

For a bit more on me, I’m down here working with Mark Jordan particularly, but I got my MTS at Notre Dame and have a pretty good grounding in the Tradition. So now I’m sort of brushing up on my post-modern stuff. Brushing up meaning learning for the first time ever.

I saw that you applied to several Catholic schools. Were any of them interested? I’m pretty much resigned to avoiding teaching in a Catholic school, though I definitely want to do Catholic theology.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re ungodly busy, so no rush. I’d just appreciate any thoughts that you might have. Good luck!

Andy Buechel
abueche at emory.edu