Walter Update

Thank you all for the prayers and good wishes, it's been a rocky week or so, but I wanted to give a quick Walter update.
He came home last saturday, looking a lot like a furry football due to the row of staples down the middle of the back.
He's now feeling a lot better, getting rest, going to the bathroom a little more easily and regularly. He still can't move his back legs, and we're a little concerned, as the doctors had hoped that he might have been moving a little more by now, but he is wagging his tail vigorously a little more often, so that gives us some continued hope. We're doing his physical therapy four times a day to keep his leg muscles in shape, and otherwise are keeping him rested and as calm as possible. As he's felt better, he's wanted to scooch around the room on his butt and has begun to despise the crate we need to put him to keep him from wandering about while his spine is recovering. But he's not in any pain any more, which is good, and is back to his happy, mischievous personality. Even if he doesn't really ever walk and we have to get one of those foolish little carts, he'll be happy and glad to be around, so imho, that's enough, but we're still hoping that his little nervous system is getting the rest it needs to rebuild itself.
Thanks again for all the prayers and good wishes.

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