Don't have time to deal with this...

I'm trying to finish a chapter before I head to the American Academy of Religion meeting tomorrow, and am preparing for some job interviews there.
I don't have the time, or the emotional energy, to start talking about the one-two punch of the U.S. bishops' statements on homosexuality or reception of communion, but I'm not very happy about them. Part of the strength of Catholic Christianity has been, IMO, its ability to say a lot but to leave a lot of middle ground unsaid, in order to give people room to live as best they can. These two documents say a lot, and get rid of a lot of the middle ground on which I've been standing for a while.

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Anonymous said...

I too am disappointed and angry over the U.S. bishops' "pastoral guidelines" for those ministering "to" (notice it's never "with") GLBT persons.

If anyone's interested, I've written and published two commentaries on these so-called "guidelines" on my blogsite, The Wild Reed (www.thewildreed.blogsite.com).