Paulist Associates

Yesterday was very exciting for me, I took my first promises for a year of membership as a Paulist Associate down at the Center. The closest equivalent might be something like a Third-order Franciscan...the Associates are lay people who join the Paulists in their mission and charisms through prayer and embodying the Paulist mission to North America in their daily life. I'm very excited to be part of this group, since the major Paulist charism -- "incarnating the
Roman Catholic faith in North American culture" -- is important to me both personally and professionally...all of my theological work on Tillard's theories of inculturation and ecclesial diversity springs from my own experience of the vibrancy of the church in the United States.

In preparation for the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the Paulist Fathers in 2008, they've also done a pretty extensive update of their website, with a new blog entitled paulisttalk.org, links to their other ministries, including the ever popular bustedhalo.com, and the resurrected journal The Catholic World, which first existed as Father Hecker's magazine in 1865 and now will exist again online under the direction of Paul Robichaud. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

What's a Paulist Associate?

God bless,
A 6 day old blogger (Maria)

David said...

Blessings on you in your new state!

Relish the graces.

Philocrites said...

And a succinct statement in today's Globe, too, oh official one!