New England Flower Show

So I'm heading down to the New England Flower Show here in Boston on Saturday. OK, let your snickers out about a gay man going to a flower show....go ahead, get it out of your system... I actually have quite a softspot for orchids, which is appropriate, since gay men have a long-standing historical connection with orchids; they were, supposedly, one of the subtle signals that a gay man could use to say, I'm not just single, I also like boys!

I'm still relatively good at killing them regularly, but, well, that happens...I'll report anything exciting that I see down there, orchid-related or not, and get back to you later in the weekend. (See? If I'm not talking about homosexuality or Catholicism, I really have nothing to say....damn...)

One New England shout out: in an interview in today's Globe with the current executive director of the Mass Horticultural Society, a transplant (get it?) from North Carolina, Thomas Herrera-Mishler is asked about giving up the year-round climate of Wilmington for Boston. While he misses his plants there, he claims to love the people of Boston:

But what about the warm Southern hospitality? I'd rather take Yankee straightforwardness any day.

Here, here, for Yankee straightforwardness.

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