Cavalcade of Bad Nativities

Since we're almost halfway into Advent, you should check out the Cavalcade of Bad Nativities at www.GoingJesus.com. My personal favorite: these fun (and wise!) owls. Knuck, knuck, knuck.

This year, she's added Angels We Have Heard Are High, a celebration of freaky-deaky angels. As she writes, "sometimes the angels just can't resist taking a chicken out for a spin..." As you might imagine, half the fun is in her witty running commentary, here and in "the Passion of the Tchotchke" and "the Stations of the Kitsch." Hopefully she won't end up in Episcopalian hell, surrounded by Thomas Kinkade landscapes forever....


Michael said...

My Partner and I want to know where we can buy these wonderful nativities! A Christmas without fiber optics is like a Christmas without sunshine!

Thanks for the pointer. I am spreading the word.

Celine said...

I am deeply drawn to all the snowpeople nativities, but the troll one will stay with me for a disturbingly long time. Oh, and why not Posh as Mary? (I thought Alanis was super as God in "Dogma".) And Posh was always the dignified one anyway. (I would have picked Sean Connery for Joseph, but that's just me.)