Threefold Withdrawal

1) California withdrawal. Just left a week of beautiful weather in the Bay Area and, while I hate to admit this and am going to catch no end of @#$% from my California-born-and-bred-BF for this, I was rather disappointed to get off the plane and wander into the cold remnants of Tropical Storm Cindy working their way across New England. As much as I'm a partisan of Boston and booster of the charms of New England, somehow we even manage to take something entitled "tropical" and turn it into cold, damp wetness.
2) Sleep withdrawal. Flew in on a red-eye. It was JetBlue, so it could have been a lot worse...I highly recommend them, but cross-country travel is just never fun. Got some sleep, but still not enough, and am now desperately trying to stay up until later tonight to try to reset on east coast time. I have that fun metallic feeling behind my eyes by which my body is saying "what the hell are you doing to me???"
3) Internet withdrawal. Not only did the lovely neighbors on whose wireless I was piggybacking move out, but my phone line is also dead right now. So no internet. I'm actually doing the free day of "T-Mobile" and have sold my soul and identity to yet another large corporation...just to get my fix...so here I am, in a Starbucks, T-Mobiling, trying to satisfy at least one of my cravings...

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